ZIP #2

Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in the inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?

One major frustration I have encountered is the loss of specific photos. As technology can be flimsy, running into obstacles happens easily. Losing work is never a fun experience, in fact, my devastation overtook my spirit for a few moments. I felt my work was being cast down the drain. I lost important images, and while this set me back, I soon viewed it as a learning experience.

I know now to carry USB backups for all my photos to maintain them. I took all previous events into consideration and looked at it through perspective, now I am given an opportunity to take even better, more enticing photographs! Also, the lost photos were all taken on an iPhone as I did not have access to a camera. Now, I can take better quality photos and work more on use with a proper camera. Although, this obstacle provided many frustrations, I dealt with it through optimism and carried on.

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