ZIP #1

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.

A source I have found extremely valuable in my inquiry is Cristina Olsen’s book, Kissing the Sky: Photography and Poetry. Olsen created a book intertwining photography and poetry, much like my personal vision. This has proved valuable as it provides me with a clear example I can turn to. Her book provided me with hope for my inquiry and a belief that it has potential. Cristina Olsen’s book has inspired me, and although our books will have completely different tones, her book shows a clear end destination. The beauty of the book is impeccable, and it sends a wonderful message: transform pain into joy. It has an uplifting yet honest tone to it, and this is mainly due to the intermingling of visuals and writing. Cristina Olsen’s writing and photography not only evoked hope in me, but it proves that photography can change the effectiveness of poetry.

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