ZIP #3

Reflect on your inquiry question and how your understanding is changing, becoming more focused, or is perhaps reaffirmed by your research. What do you now know that you didn’t know when you started this inquiry?

Near the beginning of this inquiry, I met the worst writer’s block. My gaze shifted from writing poetry for myself to writing ‘perfect’ poetry for an audience. This took a toll on my poetry quality; as I reached for perfection, the poetry lost its emotional value. I struggled but found when I stopped thinking and started feeling, the words flowed out.

As an over thinker, this was a difficult feat, but I found a loophole and learnt to harness a different form of thought- an emotion-based thought, a natural thought. Through this ZIP project, I found one important lesson: don’t find the poetry, let the poetry find you. Allowing my subconscious and emotions to guide me, I found my imperfectly perfect poetry.

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