In-Depth- Beautiful Mind Post #1

These past two weeks, my partner, Ethan and I, met many milestones. For starters, we completed our first filming exercise. For this film, our objective mainly covered testing the waters and getting a clear understanding of the process of film making. We decided to opt for a non-narrative film of snowboarding to focus solely on our skills. It took place on Seymour mountain with my sister as the main character/snowboarder. I encountered a few challenges while filming. My sister only holds a certain amount of abilities, so with angles and filming we attempted to keep the film engaging and non-repetitive. This challenge only pushed us to be better. The setting of this film proved to be another challenge. Since our film took place on a snow-covered mountain, keeping the camera safe while filming required attention. The largest challenge had to be my inexperience and lack of knowledge- which is to be expected for a first film. After filming for six straight hours, I acquired enough footage for a two-minute film. The amount of time taken shocked me and while this time imbalance is not ideal, hopefully, as we gain more experience, our filming time will become more concise.

Through this film, our initial focus was angles. As anticipated, getting multiple angles with one camera took time and effort. The amount of time it took to film strongly related to the lack of cameras and crew. We found planning to be the main essential. With lots of research and a detailed outline for the film, we created natural angles. The amount of time dedicated payed off as the angles turned out seamless, as if there were multiple cameras on at the same time.  After filming, our next step was editing.

Editing took time and effort, yet I genuinely enjoyed it. We used the software, Filmora Video Editor, with the background music as Stargazing by Travis Scott. With this film and with my sister’s range of abilities, editing held an essential role in making this film engaging. We focused on putting the clips together with flawless transitions. Our goal aimed to make the transitions and angles smooth without distracting from the video itself. Combing through the footage to find usable clips and editing the film, took much more time than previously anticipated. I dedicated many days to editing and although, it took plenty of time, I found myself enjoying this process immensely. I found a passion in editing and loved every second of it.

My partner, Ethan, was away so I worked with Kate, who is also doing a film-based in-depth, in finding a mentor. We held many discussions with Mr. Udell and Mr. Gilbar, two film teachers at Gleneagle. They are helping to facilitate a mentorship between us and their grade 12 students. Here is email evidence

They found us mentors, Elyjah and Nathan. Ethan and I have Elyjah, while Kate has Nathan, however, we had a joint meeting as we plan to collaborate in the future. In our first meeting with Elyjah and Nathan, I showed them the first film/exercise we made. They gave thoughtful critique, such as using the white balance when filming in a snowy setting. Throughout this meeting, they shocked me through how little I knew about filmography. Despite my awareness in my lack of knowledge, now that I have realized how far I need to go, I can finally take steps to get there. We discussed editing software, our plans/goals, and story line. In the meeting, we brought up our thoughts on creating an effective film. Kate, Ethan, and I believed story line held the most power, while our mentors thought it was the technical aspects. Their perspective came from logic, but through discussion, we came to a consensuses. We agreed that the technical aspects are needed for an effective story line, however, for professionals and skilled filmers, imagination for an impactful story line is essential for success.  By sharing our opinions with understanding and open ears, we found that both skills hold immense importance. Overall, these two weeks held many milestones in our in-depth journey.

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