A Letter to Theseus

Dear Theseus,

Please, let me marry Hermia. This burning love fuels every step I take, for her I would put my life at stake. My mind cannot think without her by my side, nor can my heart beat without her hand held in mine. Please, let me marry Hermia. Our love stands true and honest. My intentions stay pure, I promise. Through emotion, I shower her with gifts and song. Only Egeus’s love deprived eyes view this as wrong. I beg of you, to imagine a love-less life, to envision the world without your soon to be wife. A measly man stands in the path of true love. This law must no longer live, our society must rise above. Please, let me marry Hermia. Demetrius vies for her affection; her disinterest entices him. A weak man only interested in those he cannot win. Once love reciprocates itself, he scurries away. Abandoning Helena, he left her world dreary and grey. I beg of you, please, let me marry Hermia. Hermia and I hold the ability to run away to my widowed aunt and live a peaceful life. Yet, we stay as honest citizens willing to fight. This law shall no longer have any stance, for age and parental logic is not the key to romance. Please, listen to me, as this is the last time you will see me begging on my knees.


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