ZIP Proposal

ZIP Proposal

What would you like to learn to do / what question would you like to pursue in your inquiry? Why did you choose this skill / question? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?

I would like to pursue the question, “how can visuals enhance or decrease the effectiveness of poetry?” I chose this question because it incorporates two areas, I am very passionate about. It not only lets me expand on poetry and photography, but it forces me to see them in new perspectives. I must look deeper into photography and find connections with my poetry. I will be covering critical thinking, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, and personal awareness through this question. This question excites me as these are two forms of arts I feel passion for, but haven’t been able to fully delve into and research. This inquiry can make me see photography in a new light and allow me to see the hidden meanings in poetry.

What do you currently know about this topic / skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

As my project integrates photography and poetry, there are two areas of skill I will be covering. Poetry has acted as an outlet in my past. I feel immense passion for it and this will help me succeed in my work. I believe poetry is purely an emotional form of art, whether that be anger, happiness, sadness, etc. My ability to express myself will help me enhance my poetry. In photography, I have little experience. My interest towards visual arts has existed for about a year now, and I have mildly explored that passion. As life has been hectic, I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I wished towards photography. I think it is a beautiful way to capture moments in time and hope to expand on that. My evident interest for these areas of expertise will help my work flourish through passion.

What is a specific list of skill that you hope to have expanded on / learned by the end of this assignment?

The easy answer for this question would be, “photography and poetry,” but my ZIP hopes go much deeper than that. While poetry and photography both have artistic backgrounds, I believe focusing on their connection will force me to delve deeper into underlying meanings and connections. I will have to find the deeper meanings in photographs and connect these to writing. Also, I hope to learn to manipulate angles and lighting in photography to properly illustrate my intended vision. That skillset will help me reach the proper end image able to enhance my poetry. In my poetry, I hope to learn to twist words into a beautifully maneuvered collection that will evoke thought. I hope to create an intriguing poem- hopefully, one the reader will be forced to think about, to find their own personal interpretation.

Who can you approach (beyond Mr. Morris) for support during your work / research?

Despite my intention to focus on this project independently, I have a major literary support system. My sister is an excellent writer who can help me if I am in need. She has a shared passion in poetry and can support me if I bump into any roadblocks I cannot overcome alone. I can also turn to my dad, who has a major in writing. He is an excellent means of support if I need it. On the photography aspect, my close friend has an excellence in photography. She won a school-wide competition for landscape photography. She knows how to take an effective photo and if I reach any insurmountable obstacles, I can always turn to her. I have many people I can turn to; however, these areas are of self-expression and I hope for this project to be mainly independent.

What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your inquiry?

The internet is a useful source when it comes to information and learning. The internet holds many sites and videos that can inform me, if I am ever in need of knowledge. Poetry and photography books will continue to help me as I analyze different pictures and words. Learning from other writers and/or photographers will increase my knowledge in the fields.

How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format might you use to highlight your work?

After I complete my photography and poetry, I will create a booklet. Each page will have a photograph matched with a poem. I will travel to the library to ensure it is printed out in colour, allowing the photographs to be at their finest. The book will be an aesthetically pleasing and put together demonstration of my work.

What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.
















Go to Library




Read Poetry + Photography Books



Explore photography locations + continue to read books



Write poetry drafts and take photos



Write poetry drafts and take photos




Write poetry drafts and take photos



Write poetry drafts and take photos



Handpick and edit poetry and photos



Handpick and edit poetry and photos/ match photos with poems



Format book and print out at library



Bind the book (if possible)



Extra Emergency Days




Extra Emergency Days



Extra Emergency Days



Extra Emergency Days



Extra Emergency Days



Extra Emergency Day










*the extra emergency days are there as I find life can be hectic and unpredictable and I always plan to complete things a week earlier, just in case.

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