Leadership: John Maxwell

Listening attentively to John Maxwell speak, my perspective on leadership changed.  He talked about starting the day with a positive attitude, believing in yourself, and pushing the boundaries. Before hearing him, I was oblivious to their association with leadership. These seemed tiny objectives I could put on the back burner in the chase of becoming a fantastic leader. With this newfound knowledge, I can focus on myself and set an example for my team. John Maxwell has forced me to see that my team is watching me as well, and attitude is essential to great leadership. Exposed to the power of smiling at my team, I can now grow as a leader in cultural events, eminent, adventure trips, and other TALONS events.  

The Law of the Lid spoke of setting the bar. A team can only succeed based on the leader’s ability. Essentially, if a leader is insufficient then the team will not succeed. The leader sets the possibilities for the team as they are the leading one. For example, if there is a pack of zebras and there is one leader at the front, directing the way. If the leader zebra decides to slowly and sluggishly walk, that sets the tone and pace for its pack. However, if the leader zebra is running at a persevering sprint, it allows his pack to excel and follow. The Law of the Lid was quite intimidating until I came across the next law. 

The Law of the Process puts the Law of the Lid into effect. The Law of the Process states that leaders are continually growing, and this process doesn’t happen all in one day. Developing in any educational, athletic, or artistic sense takes time and can’t be sped through. A toddler soccer player doesn’t become amazing in a day, an equestrian doesn’t learn to gallop immediately, and mathematicians don’t understand pre-calculus in an hour. The journey is part of the equation just as much as the destination. The Law of the Process tells you to focus on today and what you can achieve today. If one is always focused on the future, they don’t take the steps necessary to great leadership. Leaders must continue to improve everyday if they want to become the best version possible.

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