Opinion Paragraph

“It’s worth losing friends if you’re making a positive change for yourself.”

I strongly agree with this statement as everyone’s priority should be their personal happiness. Hectic and tumultuous, the world throws obstacles in everybody’s paths, forcing us to persevere. In an environment with such difficult qualities, we must put ourselves first. Loving fully and laughing earnestly is near impossible without properly prioritizing yourself. Making a life that feels full on the inside is essential before adding others to the equation. Ultimately, your life and your happiness should be your end concern. The word ‘selfish’ has an undeserving negative stigma. There is a fine line between being selfish and uncaring. The definition of selfish is, “concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” One should be caring, compassionate, and loving, without having to sacrifice their life fulfillment. If losing a friend will increase your personal mental health, then that is the path to take. Personal well being is not only necessary and good; it is a prerequisite for loving others. In the end, friends may come and go, but we stick with ourselves. As Michel De Montaigne once said, “lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.”

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