Science 9 Final: TED Talk

My ted talk is “to what extent is prescription opioid addiction hereditary?” I focused on the genetics and factors which contributed to opioid addiction risk. Hope you enjoy!

Here you can find:

My Notes
My Script

9 thoughts on “Science 9 Final: TED Talk

  1. Hello Angelina!
    Your topic was very interesting! I am so happy I learned more about opioid addiction. I’m wondering if you think doctors should check for these DNA qualities before prescribing opioids. If doctors do find that the patient has the DNA qualities you mentioned, is there anything else they can prescribe instead of opioids?


    1. Thank you! Checking for the DNA qualities that contribute to opioid addiction risk is quite elaborate and difficult. However, if one has a relative who struggles from opioid addiction and wants a pain medication alternative there are non-opioid options. These options include ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol), and aspirin. While these pain medications can work when it comes to small cases, they are often too weak to help major pains.


  2. Hey Angelina,

    Wow, your TED Talk was so informative, I learned a lot of things about opioids and addiction that I didn’t understand or know before. Your inquiry question was well answered! A question I have for you is: Does your inquiry question answer for other classes of drugs as well? If so, to what extent?



    1. To answer your question, some of the genes contribute to genetics as a whole, while some are specific to opioids. In the case of DRD3, the gene is associated with risk seeking and impulsivity, which is a risk factor in addiction for any drug. However, genes surrounding opioid receptors would not affect addiction risk in cases of other classes of drugs.


  3. Hi Angelina,
    Your ted talk was very professional. The lines were well memorized when you spoke without a script and the diagrams were easy to follow and understand. Very interesting topic overall and I look forward to learning more about your experiment next year. A question I have about this topic is how you choose to manage variables in your experiment, knowing that dealing with hereditary models of understanding will be very subjective?
    Thank you!
    – Michaela


  4. Hi Angelina! I really learned a lot from you Ted Talk. I liked your choice of topic. It must’ve been really hard to research. I was just wondering that if there was anyways that we can alter opioids to make it safer for people to use?


    1. To my knowledge, it is near impossible to create addiction-proof opioids. In the future, as science improves, we may be able to find a safer alternative to opioids, however, as of right now, there are none.


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