In-Depth Post #6- Beautiful Mind

Over the past few weeks, we have overcome many stepping stones and have begun the process of making our final, and best, film. We have edited, reviewed, and completed our practice film, ‘Kate’s Life’. This relied heavily on the concept of patience. As expected, when doing any electronic-based work, we encountered technological problems. The editing software, DaVinci Resolve, broke down multiple times. This was very frustrating as I lost my hard-work and time spent, but I learnt to persevere despite unforeseen obstacles. Instead of forgoing editing, I searched for alternative solutions. With the knowledge that “progress […] is based on the search for alternatives,” I researched and contacted my mentor to find a solution (p. 124). The concept of patience kept my brain moving instead of shutting down in frustration. I had downloaded a faulty version of DaVinci, and simply uninstalled it and installed the real one. I discovered the concept of patience permits calm, critical thinking and perseverance in difficult situations. 

After reviewing and analyzing our film with our mentor, Elyjah, we began brainstorming about our final film. Our concept, or general idea, was to plan our last film. Taking out a piece of paper, we began to list the less vague tasks we needed to complete in order to do so. Elyjah gave the intellectual piece of advice that, “writing down a list of everything you need to do helps with organization.” After writing down the list, we discovered that we overlooked many small tasks. Through our mentor’s advice and our concept, many roads began to open in the possibilities and steps towards our final film. Since our final film was to be done as a group project with Ethan, Kate, and I, we couldn’t advance too much into the detailed planning aspect. However, with Elyjah’s help and the list of tasks we needed to complete; we were prepared to plan somewhat autonomously. We closed the meeting at that, with Elyjah’s advice to, “begin organizing meetings with [only Ethan, Kate, and I] to brainstorm storylines for our final film.  

Ethan, Kate, and I have held one meeting thus far in our planning for the film. I facetimed into it due to my sickness. This held us back because we couldn’t have a proper sit-down meeting, however, we still made progress. The meeting acted more as a discussion session, but it still evoked progress and planning. The concept we used was teamwork. We brainstormed different genres of film, ideas, and possible storylines. We decided on creating a film with an obscure theme- a more independent film that didn’t necessarily fit into one genre. We began researching independent films and this allowed us to “breed other ideas” from the concept of an independent film (p. 109). After deliberation and conversation, we decided on an independent film intended to be a mind twister and keep our viewers thinking. We drew inspiration from the TV Series, ‘Black Mirror’. We aim to complete all planning this week, including the script, actors, formulated idea, schedule, etc. We have schedule 2-3 meetings in this week alone to complete our planning process.  

For in-depth night, we plan to present our final film in the MPR. For my learning center, I plan to bring in my camera and equipment to give visuals into the behind the scenes. I plan to play the final film at my learning center. I will have some key skills I learnt put on a poster board. I will include pictures, examples, and stills, to give a detailed account into some important aspects of filmmaking. I will also have our practice film available, so the progress is evident. I plan to make my station visually pleasing and informative. 

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