A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Relationship Essay

By Angelina Alexander
March 11, 2019
Mr. Morris
English 9

The Most Essential Part of a Relationship

Statistics show that almost 50% of all married couples get divorced. Despite the high failure rate, people still rush to get married and find a partner, but why? All because, as humans, we crave connection. Whether with one’s mother, best friend, or partner, the reason for relationships comes from a need of shared emotions. The official definition of ‘relations’ is, “a connection between one person and another,” proving connection is not only important, but is the foundation of a relationship. Without an emotion-based bond, relationships have no purpose, meaning, or appeal. In a study done in Minnesota, 55% of divorced couples said growing apart caused their split. This reveals the direct correlation between failed marriages and lack of connection. While loyalty, trust, and communication hold heavy roles in success, without strong feelings, our drive to fight for these traits dissipates. Connection triggers our initial want to maintain and work for these relationships. William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream demonstrates the necessity of connection through four lovers. A main character, Hermia, shows the difference between a connection-less relationship and a passionate one. Her frigid bond with Egeus compared to her intense love with Lysander explores the link between connection and success of relationships.

Lysander and Hermia share an undeniable bond, but their love is forbidden. Theseus, the king, and Hermia’s own father, both express their clear disapproval. Staying together puts them both at danger, with Lysander openly defying a law and Hermia putting her freedom and life on the line. Their entire community stands against them; yet their chemistry still drives them to fight for each other. Hermia’s feelings push her to be loyal, honest, and, most importantly, passionate. Without love, their need to stay committed and together no longer exists. For example, Hermia blatantly “[refuses] to wed Demetrius”, even when it results in leading a comfortable life (1.1.64). She voluntarily adds turmoil to her days simply because she lacks a connection with Demetrius but has one with Lysander. Instead, she runs into the woods with nothing but a vague plan and hope for a future with Lysander- completely deserting her past life. Their love drives them to fight for one another. Without their connection, their relationship would falter, much like Hermia’s to her father, Egeus.

Egeus and Hermia constantly clash heads and show no signs of love towards each other. Their inability to find a connection creates a cold relationship, stripped of any understanding. Egeus and Hermia stand in their beliefs and refuse to try to connect on an emotional or mental level. As a result, their willingness to listen to one another shuts off. They feel no need to to see the other’s point of view. Their non-existent bond impedes any possibility of a positive relationship. Instead of hearing Hermia’s pleads, Egeus runs to authorities to get his way. He throws his beliefs onto her, with closed ears, unwilling to listen. Hermia expresses her wish that her father could understand her perspective. Their lack of connection causes a domino effect onto all aspects of their relationship- and even their want for a relationship. They hold no emotional bond, to the point that Egeus sees Hermia as his to “dispose of (1.1.42).”  Egeus and Hermia reveal that without connection, even when a family bond is present, a relationship simply cannot succeed.

Relationships live within a complex universe with many emotions, values, and essentials- but the base of all these relationships is connections. Our connections remain the sole reason we want relationships to begin with. We fight to keep our bonds strong, and when they fade away, so do our relationships. A man married to his wife for 70 years claimed going on one date night every single week was the key to their marriage. It kept their connection alive which carried them through difficult times. In our hectic universe, it can be difficult to see all events in perspective, to remember the important parts of life. As long as love stands, we can fight to try to keep the puzzle together, we can build the other essentials, and our relationships can grow through connection. William Shakespeare showed us that connection is the beginning, foundation, and key essential in all relationships.

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