In-Depth- Beautiful Mind Post #4

Our past two mentor meetings held significance in my learning process. The first out of the two meetings took place with Kate and Nathan. They shot their first film and used me in it, with Elyjah and Ethan acting as helping hands. This required more observing then actively working, however, I still left with a much higher understanding of the filmmaking process. I learnt about being on the other side of the camera (the acting side), so when I am filming, I have a better understanding of how to direct. I learnt about which shots work best in different situations, the equipment and setup necessary, but most importantly, to take the most angles and takes of the same shot. Elyjah said, “the more shots the better. You will always appreciate options when editing.” This stuck with me and I plan to imply this when filming. Before leaving, Ethan and I brought up our want to create our first official film. Elyjah fully supported our drive and told us to come up with a solid idea and outline for the next meeting.

Over the next week, Ethan and I met up on multiple occasions to discuss and plan our film proposal. We developed a concrete plan with the film’s base being inspirational. In our meeting, we spent the entire 70 minutes revising our original plan. Elyjah brought up many new, interesting ideas and we turned a good idea into a great idea. However, we differed in our thoughts for the film. Elyjah brought up an idea into turning the film into a comedy. Although his idea held brilliance and potential, it contradicted the original vision and purpose of the film. After further discussion, we adapted our film but kept the same inspirational base. I asked Elyjah if developing a story-line usually took a lot of time and work. He responded with, “planning the story of the film plays such an important role that spending time is inevitable.” This meeting held great influence and with our script complete, our next step is filming. Overall these past few weeks have pulled me further into a love of film making and my interest is at its peak.

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