In-Depth #1

When hearing about in-depth, I felt ecstatic as my brain quickly thought of filmography. Throughout my life, I constantly wasted hours away watching short films and envisioning my own. It seemed like an extremely powerful form of art with beautiful aspects and the potential to inspire others. Despite my undeniable interest, life is hectic, and I never found time to focus on it. In-depth offered the time put aside to focus on a much longed-for skill set. Now, I am beyond excited to dive into filmography and that is all thanks to in-depth.

Short films hold many different skills essential to making an effective video. I weeded out the five I believe are the most important: transitions, angles, audio incorporation, editing, and story-telling. For each skill, my partner, Ethan, and I, will make a film. As each film is made, the quality will improve as we will incorporate the skill previously learnt. The first four films will be focused on effectiveness, but not story-telling. For example, our editing film will be of snowboarding. Our focus to ensure every video is made the best it can possible be will make our films impeccable. Story-telling seemed the best option for our final film, as the want to inspire others was one of the reasons filmography intrigued me. I hope with my new skill set, this final film will be a product I am genuinely proud of. We will shoot these through my Nikon D3500 camera, and will edit through the software, Filmora. We are well on our way to finding a mentor, and I feel it will come soon as we have detailed plans being put into play. We have completely completed the filming process for our first film, have made significant progress in the editing process, and have detailed plans prepared for our next film. Overall, this project excites more than any other before and I can’t wait to progress.

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