Dad is Dying Response

“Do the benefits of Sam’s lie outweigh the issue of the lie itself?”

Sam takes a serious issue that taints lives and uses it to manipulate others. He glorifies this tragedy that destroys hundreds of thousands of hearts around the world. This practice wrongfully happens quite a bit in current day society, for example, with mental illness. Mental disability derails the lives of many, yet people still exploit it. Phrases such as, “that just gave me depression,” “you’re autistic and retarded,” and “that makes me triggered,” can be commonly heard in light-hearted conversations as punch lines. Possibly even worse than that, people are claiming mental illnesses while consciously knowing they have average mental well-being. It is familiar for one to comedically say, “I have crippling depression,” or “that gives me anxiety.” Our society is taking advantage of these detrimental situations for aid in social settings, for attention, for social relatability, and even most commonly, for comedy’s sake. That is what Sam is indirectly doing, whether he realizes it or not. He is taking advantage of a problem that legitimately taints the joy of other teenage lives. My personal belief is, “lying is completely acceptable, fun even, as long as it is not hurting anybody else.” Taking parental illness and turning it into a social advantage indirectly exploits the seriousness for everybody who genuinely suffers from that matter. Sam claims that his father is chronically ill simply because he doesn’t want to appear childish to his classmates. That day in his classroom, “all eyes were on him and he was crying plain as day. Sam thought, I am too old to be crying about a sick dog. So he began to edit (141).” Even though the benefits of this lie are unmistakable- for example, Sam’s father’s self esteem and social happiness improve significantly- this does not make Sam’s actions morally correct. Sam fabricates an entire story merely to the fear of teenage social criticism. Honesty is the foundation of a working society. We vote for prime ministers through trusting their word, we swipe right on tinder profiles with faith that they are genuine, and we pay Uber drivers on the hope that they will drive safely; as soon as we break this trust, by lies and schemes, our society falls apart. To conclude, no, it is not acceptable to exploit a life-shattering issue for personal benefit because that, that right there, is the reason our world has taken centuries to reach basic human rights for everyone. Lie about stealing your brother’s makeup from his room, but don’t take a topic that ruins lives and use it for your own benefit.

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