Rating Roommates (Sam is Superior)

Personally, I think Sam would make for the most intriguing, entertaining, and enjoyable roommate. The entire magnitivity of retreats revolve around rejuvenation and experimentation which Sam is the perfect fit for. Many might be concerned that Sam will cause trouble as he does not seem very vigilant, however, the weight of this con is very negligible compared to the multitude of pros in his personality. Sam rarely lacks authenticity and is unapologetically himself as he bravely states his disinterest in school, even though many adults would frown upon those words. He also has many dimensions yet to be discovered; Sam states that his favourite TV show is American Idol, from that we can infer that he enjoys music. We must remind ourselves to, as the famous quote says, “never judge a book by its cover.” Sam states that in his free time he likes to hang out with friends, that proves that he is sociable and has his fair amount of people skills. My life motto is, “the best buddy is someone you can uncontrollably laugh with.” In past experiences, I’ve found that when one is more extroverted, more laughs seem to be acquired. Sam shares this moral leaving me to believe that rooming with him will lead to a plethora of smiles. Ultimately, retreats are meant for a good time and Sam seems like the type of person who can give just that.

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